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About the Project

24 years and counting

Created by Full Radius Dance in 1995 to showcase the diversity and excellence of Atlanta's dance scene, the festival is one of the only professionally juried dance festival in the southeast.  It may be the oldest dance festival in the southeast! Later, it grew to include dance artists throughout the state of Georgia 

We've presented more than 90 companies and independent choreographers on the MAD stage; more than 1200 dancers; and more than $60,000 in honorarium to MAD participants. The festival builds community for local artists and companies, with joint classes and community events.

How do we do all this?  Because of generous donors like you.  Won't you help us continue this important initiative?  

Your donation will assist Full Radius Dance to provide the honorariums (total of $3000.00) to this year's artists:
  • Meghan Novoa
  • SWADanceCo
  • Ruchi Ahuja
  • Core Peformance Company
  • Okwae A. Miller & Artists
As well as theatre rental and technical assistance - those lighting designers, stage hands, sound technicians that make the professional performance possible - $7,000.00.

"The MAD Festival became my passion when another festival, Atlanta Dance on the Loose, disappeared in 1994.  There was a need to continue this event celebrating community and artistry. It was a challenge, but Full Radius Dance rose to meet it." - Douglas Scott

Matching Sponsors

Our generous sponsors will contribute $1 for every $1 donated to this project up to $5,000 ! (pending matching fund availability)

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$533.76 of $10,000 goal ⋅ 39 days to go
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    All donors will receive a personal shout out through our social media outlets, letting everyone know just how appreciated you are!
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    Donate 50+ and You'll receive your shout out plus you'll see your name in our programs and on the website. Yes, you are great and everyone will know it! AND you'll be invited to purchase tickets to the show before they go on sale to the general public!
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  • Donate $150 or more

    You'll receive your shout out, name in program and on website, early bird ticket purchase, AND a one of a kind thank you note crafted by our Artistic Director. It will be an artistic reminder of how fantastic you are!
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$9,466.24 to go. Every dollar helps.
$533.76 of $10,000 goal ⋅ 39 days to go
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  • $266.88
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